Daily Prompt: Learning

via Daily Prompt: Learning

I have decided to try the one word prompt today as I ponder my next blog. I’m hoping it will get my creative juices flowing.

Learning is of course fundamental to growing as a human being.

I’ve always thought that I’m not the best at learning but have discovered I’m just not that good at remembering.

My life seems to have been full of people (predominantly men) who know every capital city that exists, every detail of every war, can learn languages at the drop of a hat and can answer any obscure questions on the trivial pursuit board, therefore always able to collect the coloured pieces of cake before me.

The latest thing I have learned (that I can remember) is that seaweed gives us more oxygen than trees. I  was astounded by that and yet I’m guessing it will never come up in Trivial Pursuits and its not really a lengthy discussion that may impress at a dinner party.

So if I’m really terrible at remembering what I have learned why am I so interested in writing? why would people bother reading my blog? people read to learn, right?

Indeed we read to learn but often it is to be able to learn about ourselves. Read to be able to relate, read to not feel so alone and maybe, just maybe read to learn about people and what makes them tick. most of us are inquisitive, I know I am.

My conclusion is that I like many other people like to learn about people and naturally gravitate towards stories that have honesty and a certain vulnerability about them.

There it is then, I am honest and vulnerable. Today I have learnt this about myself.


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